Brock Lesnar Training With Randy Couture For Shane Carwin Fight

In easily the most interesting video yet to emerge from Brock Lesnar’s Death Clutch camp it’s revealed that hall-of-famer Randy Couture is training with the heavyweight champion ahead of his title fight with Shane Carwin at UFC 116.

The two of course stood across the cage from each other back at UFC 91 with Lesnar emerging the victor, but they have stayed in touch since and with Couture nowadays competing at light-heavyweight the door is open for them to train together.

There’s no question that Couture’s experience and knowledge will be invaluable to Lesnar who it should not be forgotten still only has five MMA fights under his belt at this point despite being the current title-holder.

It’s also worth noting that in preparation for his own bout with Lesnar back in 2008, Couture enlisted the help of none-other than Shane Carwin so he may have some tips to share about the current No.1 contender.

Lesnar usually trains with less established fighters such as Chris Tuchscherer who’s currently 1-1 in the UFC and Cole Konrad, a highly decorated wrestler who is still new to the MMA circuit with a record of just 3-0.

With this wrestling talent currently assembled in the Death Clutch gym you can get a fairly good insight into how Lesnar will be looking to approach his forthcoming fight against the heavy-hitting Carwin.

Watch the full five minute video featuring the thoughts of both Lesnar and Couture, and footage of them training, below.


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