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Brock Lesnar UFC 116 Post-Fight Press Conference Video

Despite having been battered and bruised in the opening round of his successful heavyweight title defense against Shane Carwin on Saturday night, Brock Lesnar arrived at the post-fight press conference in good spirits and looking in relatively good shape.

First off the champion discussed the adversity he faced during the early stages of the fight when Carwin appeared to be close to stopping him.

“He hit me pretty good and then I didn’t know for a second…you know, I ended up on the ground and I just had to go into survival mode and stay busy.

“I really have to thank the referee for allowing that thing go on.  I wasn’t hurt.  I though if I just kept moving…I could feel Shane’s punching slowly becoming less and less and I thought, well if  I get out of here then I’m going to exert a bunch of energy, and I realized [there was] as short [amount of] time left and I just tried to stay busy.”

As for his opponent, despite appearing unimpressed with him before the fight Lesnar acknowledged how tough he was afterwards.

“He was a beast…he definitely won the first round (laughs).”

Being dominated in the first round was something that Lesnar has not encountered before in his previous fights, but he insisted it was something he was prepared for.

“I just don’t get too emotionally attached to a certain round, you know?  We trained for that in the gym.  There’s certain things that are going to happen, you have no control over it, and it’s whether or not you can just get out of there and do the right things to move on.

“I knew that I had lost the first round, but there were still four rounds left and I thought, ‘well we’re in a fight for sure now,’ you know.  I thought, well here we go, I’m going to have to win this round for sure.”

The way the fight ended, with Lesnar locking in an arm triangle choke caught many people, not least Shane Carwin, by surprise. The fighter revealed that it was something they had been working on specifically during his training camp.

“We kind of suspected that he would be prepared for my ground and pound, so Comprido (his jiu-jitsu coach) pointed out the submission out that would…’listen this is something that would be very feasible for you, it’s a wrestling – basically it’s a headlock.”

As for what comes next for Lesnar, the champion jokingly made a parody of his infamous post-fight speech from UFC 100 where he criticized UFC sponsor Bud Light had said he was going to go home and get on top of his wife.

On this occasion a calmer and more collected Lesnar was more willing to toe the party line.

“I’m going to go home, watch some Direct TV, drink some Bud Light, and ride my Harley Davidson,” he quipped.

Watch highlights of Brock Lesnar’s comments at the UFC 116 post-fight press conference below courtesy of mmaweekly.

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