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Brock Lesnar UFC 116 Pre-Fight Interview On ESPN Sportscenter

Shane Carwin appeared on ESPN’s Sportscenter yesterday, and today it was UFC champion Brock Lesnar’s turn.

In the interview Lesnar talked about his battle back from his diverticulitis injury and described his current condition as, “great, phenomenal” and noted that he had “lots of time train and get ready for Shane. We didn’t leave any stone unturned. We’re ready for this fight.”

Lesnar also talked about bringing former heavyweight champion Randy Couture into his camp and how that had helped in the preparation for this fight.

“It’s great to have a former opponent of mine come into the gym a year later and say, ‘well listen Brock, these are things that you do good, these are things you could probably do better and this is how you can beat this guy.”

As for his opponent, Lesnar was keen to point out the difference in the two fighter’s credentials.

“I just want to make one thing clear. I was a division one national champion and he’s not, and I’m the UFC heavyweight champion and he’s definitely not that.”

Watch the full interview with Lesnar below.

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