In a new promo video for the upcoming season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter which he will star as a team coach, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar makes it clear that he has no intention of quitting the sport, and is determined to regain his title.

“This is who I am, this is who I’ve been my whole life, and I’ve finally found myself,” he says, describing himself as, “a professional ultimate fighter.”

His convincing first round loss to Cain Velasquez was surely an eye-opener for the former WWE star, but it appears he’s come to terms with it.

“I just suffered a huge loss. That’s fighting, that’s the name of the game, that’s the world. And as the world turns, people win, people lose – you get your ass back into the saddle and ride into town again.”

Lesnar is set to get back on the horse on June 11th at UFC 131 where he’ll take on rival team-coach Junior Dos Santos. It’s a tough fight, with Dos Santos widely accepted as the division’s No.1 contender following an impressive seven fight winning streak.

It appears the former champion is not intimidated by the challenge though, and is more concerned with winning back the title ASAP.

“This guy is in my way, and that’s the only thing I give a sh*t about. He’s in the way to getting my title back. I was, and will be again, the UFC heavyweight champion of the world,” he declares with a confident wink.

Watch the full promo below.