Brock Lesnar Will Discuss His Future Tomorrow On ESPN SportsCenter

After months of speculation and conflicting reports on his future, tomorrow we will finally get some answers when UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar appears on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

last week Dana White had reported that he was set to hold a media conference with Lesnar in Las Vegas, though he gave no indication of why, simply stating, ““I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news – it’s just news.”

For whatever reason that media event has now been scrapped, and instead Lesnar will now give his first interview since being diagnosed with Diverticulitis to ESPN’s Sportscenter at 11am Eastern time tomorrow morning.

In recent weeks there has been mixed messages about whether Lesnar would return to the UFC, with Dana White suggesting he may never fight again, while others who have spoken to the fighter such as his trainer Greg Nelson and Randy Couture have stated that he will.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring an end to the speculation and give us a timetable as to when Lesnar, currently the UFC’s biggest PPV draw, may return to the octagon.


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