Brock Lesnar’s Camp Responds To Frank Mir’s Comments

(Update: Lesnar’s camp have now distanced themselves from the comments below (which were reported on sites like Fighters Only and Bloody Elbow),  and claim they came from a fan unconnected to the camp.  It should also be noted that the comments have now been removed from the YouTube channel.)

Yesterday Frank Mir apologized for his recent remarks saying that he wanted Brock Lesnar to be the first fighter to die in the cage.

It appears that the apology  is likely to fall on deaf ears though as the FightersOnly site notes that Lesnar’s YouTube channel now carries a message suggesting that the current champion is less than happy with his remarks.

“Frank Mir wants murder? The beast in now even angrier than last time. It’s okay, Frankie The Stalker Mir could use another beatdown. Except this time, it will be more vicious. The champion hopes Frank Mir makes it past Shane Carwin. Frank may never be able to fight again after the third fight is over. Expect the unexpected Mr. Submission Man, you may leave without an arm.”

As we said yesterday, whether positive or negative ,the publicity that has been generated in the past week or so by Mir is only going to increase the interest in a third showdown between the two.

I wonder how Shane Carwin feels about Lesnar’s comments though.

He was of course originally lined up to fight the champion before his health issues forced the bout to be scrapped.  In the build up to that fight Carwin had engaged in his own war of words with Lesnar, but that now appears to have been overshadowed as the Mir – Lesnar rivalry catches fire again.

Of course the good news for Carwin is that he can ensure that he is the next man to face the champion by defeating Mir at UFC 111 next month.


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