Brock Lesnar’s UFC 121 Post-Fight Pictures Reveal Huge Cut

It’s unlikely that Brock Lesnar will forget the devastating one round beatdown he experienced at the hands of Cain Velasquez last night at UFC 121, but just in case he does the new heavyweight champion left him a momento in the form of a huge cut below his left eye.

As you’ll see in the graphic close-up pictures below it’s not the kind of cut he’s just going to put a plaster over and forget about.

Another picture taken backstage after the fight shows a dejected looking Lesnar deep in contemplation with his battered and bruised face telling the story of the fight.

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If your a Lesnar fan then don’t worry, the man himself was well enough to get down at the local disco later that same night.

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  1. where is his nasty personality now !?
    I don’t like to see anyone like this but he needed it
    so when he comes back he can be a REAL MMA fighter

  2. I’m with you, Mike, although I’ve been practically praying for a Cain V to come along and do this. I’m all for pre-fight hype, but his (BL’s) attitude to his opponents, post-fight has been disgusting. His antics in and out of the ring make it hard for me to consider him a “professional.” Here’s hoping that this beatdown will make him take a look at his attitude toward the UFC!


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