Cain Velasquez Beats Brock Lesnar To Become New Heavyweight Champion

Despite a good all-round card at UFC 121 there was no doubt that the fight everyone wanted to see was the main event as Brock Lesnar looked to defend his heavyweight title against the highly talented challenger Cain Velasquez.

Lesnar started out aggressively and after having his first takedown stuffed, launched with a flying knee and then secured a takedown. Velasquez immediately got back to his feet though and quickly turned the screw.  Landing his first meaningful strikes on the feet  he then took Lesnar down and made it count, throwing accurate punches and quickly opening up a cut under Lesnar’s left eye.

Lesnar got back to his feet but he was clearly on unsteady legs and staggers and trips across the cage.  Velasquez gives him no time to recover, pressing forward with more shots that put Lesnar down again.   Lesnar looks to be barely hanging on and after getting back to his feet once more and being sent right back down again it only takes a few more blows from Velasquez  before the referee jumps in to call a halt to the beating, handing Velasquez a massive TKO victory.

There’s a tremendous roar from the crowd and Velasquez looks elated, though it may take some time before the enormity of what the new heavyweight champion has just achieved sinks in fully.

This was complete domination on the feet and on the ground, and the UFC has just found itself a very worthy new champion.


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