Cain Velasquez UFC 121 Interview On ESPN

Following on from Brock Lesnar’s appearance yesterday, today it was the turn of UFC heavyweight No.1 contender Cain Velasquez to be interviewed on ESPN as the build-up to Saturday night’s UFC 121 event continues.

There’s been a groundswell of opinion since this fight was announced that Velasquez could be the man to dethrone Lesnar, but it’s clear the challenger is keeping his focus firmly on the task at hand.

“You know it’s all fine what people say, but pretty much when it comes down to it, this Saturday on pay-per-view I have to win.”

Velasquez then hinted at what his strategy to beat Lesnar on Saturday night is going to be.

“Seeing him standing against Shane Carwin, he didn’t look too comfortable. I know where he wants to take the fight. He wants to take the fight to the ground, that’s where he feels more comfortable, so we’ve devised a gameplan around that.”

Conditioning is also an important part of the fighter’s plan, and he says he’s been training to go the distance with the champ.

“I feel it’s where it needs to be for this fight, definitely. I’m expecting a five round fight, a five round war in this fight, so I’m definitely ready.”

Velasquez has also prepared to go wherever the fight takes him.

“In this fight I’m looking to go everywhere. I’m expecting to kickbox with him, I’m expecting to wrestle with him, I’m expecting to be on the ground with him – to be in bad positions, to get up from those bad positions, to be on top of him too. So I’m expecting to be everywhere in this fight.”

Of course you can’t have an interview with Velasquez without an obligatory reference to his Mexican descent.

“It would definitely mean a lot to me you know. Just for Mexican’s having a rich heritage in boxing and to never have a heavyweight champion. It’s time for the Latin people to have a heavyweight champ.”

Watch the full interview below.

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