Carlos Condit Responds To News He’s Fighting Nick Diaz For UFC Interim Title

There’s been more twists and turns for UFC welterweight star Carlos Condit than a Hollywood movie in the last few months.

Condit was originally scheduled to face BJ Penn earlier this year at UFC 137, but received a phone call out of the blue from Dana White in September to fight for the 170lb title against Georges St.Pierre at short notice.

Then GSP pulled out injured just days removed from the fight and Condit was withdrawn from the card altogether with the guarantee that he would remain as the No.1 contender.

A stellar performance by Diaz against Penn changed everything however, with the powers that be deeming that the Stockton native should now be the man to face GSP next, opting to pit Condit against Josh Koscheck instead.

Condit accepted his fate with good grace and it appears he’s been rewarded for that as yet again St.Pierre has been struck down with injury problems that will keep him out of his Superbowl Weekend fight, leading to Condit Vs Diaz now being installed as UFC 143’s event with the welterweight interim title on the line.

Yesterday after first hearing the latest news ‘The Natural Born Killer’ posted a brief video blog detailing his thoughts on the whole situation, and it appears he’s taking it in his stride.

“So…another change of opponents. It’s been kind of a crazy ride the last couple months, but you know, just gotta kinda roll with it,” Condit says with a smile.

As it turns out his opponent is someone he’s been wanting to face for a long time so he appears to be happy with the way things have worked out.

“I’m really excited. I’ve been wanting to step into the octagon with Nick Diaz for a really long time. Great fighter. Great skill set. I think that we’re really going to put on a good show for the fans.”

Despite his enthusiasm for his upcoming fight and the chance to pick up an interim belt, the former WEC welterweight champion also hasn’t lost sight of his overall goal which is still to claim the ‘real’ belt.

“Like I said, I’m stoked. I will be the UFC interim champion. And then when Georges gets better I will be the undisputed UFC champion.”

Watch the full interview below.


  1. In in two minds about it Tom. I’m disappointed GSP is out since it’s not good from a business perspective for the UFC, and you never like to see one of the sport’s best out for a long period while he’s still in his prime.

    As you say though, Condit Vs Diaz is a great fight and given their styles I don’t see any way it’s going to be boring.

  2. gsp knows he cant take condit or diaz condit is counter fighter and unpredictable and diaz just loves to bang but,he’s not stupid cant wait for number 2


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