Just a day after saying that he turned down a fight with Jon Fitch at UFC 126 as he didn’t feel he’d have enough time to prepare, a report out today suggested Carlos Condit was set to sign up to fight Chris Lytle at the same event.

If true that would have been a curious turn of events that adds fuel to the fire that Condit, fresh off a KO win over Dan Hardy, was ducking Fitch who’s lost just once in fourteen UFC fights.

However, additional sources say that the fight may in fact be the target of another event later the same month.

Whatever the case it’s a turn of events that appears to have worked for Condit as Lytle was one of the fighters on his own personal wishlist to fight next, and given that they are two of the most exciting fighters in the decision and both on extended winning streaks this could be a barnburner.

Updated: 4th November.