Carlos Diego Ferreira Defeats Ramsey Nijem By TKO At UFC 177

Ramsey Nijem’s all offense, no defense approach to fighting got him into trouble tonight at UFC 177, not for the first time in his career, with Carlos Diego Ferreira rocking him a few times before producing a TKO stoppage mid-way through the second round.

Round One:

Nijem out typically aggressive with a flurry of punches. he comes in for more of the same, but Ferreira lands a nice counter in there.

Kick from Ferreira and Nijem catches it and dumps him to the mat. He doesn’t follow him to the mat though and so they go back to the striking battle.

Nijem tries a push kick, but doesn’t quite get it. Nijem circling as Ferreira stalks him. Exchange in close and Nijem lands a good left hook. Ferreira tries a body kick and Nijem knocks him off balance and gets him to the mat.

Nijem follows him down this time, but Ferreira does well to get right back up to his feet. Nijem landing some good shots here. Another combination of punches from him and he tags Ferreira hard.

Circling again from Nijem and then they exchange in close with punches flying from both men. Nijem gets his opponent to the mat, but Ferreira looks very comfortable on his back and he opts to back away and stand up.

Another dangerous striking exchange and this time it’s Ferreira who lands hard behind his ear and Nijem’s rocked! He moves back slowly and Ferreira pounces and takes him to the ground looking for a submission. Nijem escapes though as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Nijem stepping in with the jab and gets clipped by Ferreira. Nijem with a couple of kicks, the second of which results in him getting caught with a punch again which definitely hurt him and he desperately reaches for a takedown.

Ferreira goes to the mat with a guillotine attempt and it looks tight, but Nijem manages to get his head free and carefully backs out and back to his feet.

Nijem moves pressing forward with his chin up and hands down which has often been his achilles heel in the past and indeed that proves to be the case again as Ferreira connects with a big right hook that fells him.

Ferreira looking for hammerfists on the canvas to finish this one off and with Nijem looking dazed the referee quickly ends the fight, handing Ferreira the TKO victory with 1.53mins of the second round gone.

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