Chad Griggs Post Fight Interview After Defeating Bobby Lashley

Needless to say the heavy-underdog Chad Griggs was over the moon after claiming a famous victory over former pro-wrestler Bobby Lashley tonight at Strikeforce: Houston.

After the fight he reflected on the fight, and pointed to his opponents cardio issues as being a major factor in his victory.

“He’s a big man,” Griggs acknowledged. “It was tough, but my corner was talking to me, telling me that he was going to come hard and take me down, so I was just staying calm on the bottom. I felt him working hard, getting tired. Every time he posted up I was moving my hips, trying to make him hold onto me. I was hammer fisting him — I caught him with a couple of good ones. Every time he posted up, I’d catch him with something and he’d drop right back down. It’s exactly how we planned, and he did, he got tired.”

Griggs also believed that Lashley’s lack of experience of being in a tough fight also cost him.

“I could tell he hadn’t been hit, and when I did I landed a couple of good ones and I could see him lose that hunger in his eyes.”

Humble in victory, Griggs was the first to admit it wasn’t a perfect performance though.

“I won and that’s what’s important, but I know my corner’s going to be yelling at me here in a minute because I wasn’t turning my hips, I was being kind of lazy on the bottom, but like I said in there, I could feel him getting tired and I felt myself not getting hurt. So I was figuring, yeah, I’m not actually doing superb, but he’s getting tired and when I do get out of this he’s gonna really be gassed, and that’s exactly it.

“When they did stand him up His shots were getting weak and weak. I was able to stuff him and push him down, which is exactly what we planned on doing.”

Watch two post-fight interviews with Griggs below.


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