Chael Sonnen Admits Michael Bisping Had Him Rocked At UFC On FOX 2

So often these days we see Chael Sonnen “The Entertainer” as he pushes his larger-than-life persona in an attempt to grab headlines, but last night after an extremely closely fought fight with Michael Bisping in which he emerged with a controversial unanimous decision victory, he was far more down to earth.

In fact Sonnen was humble enough after the win to acknowledge that Bisping actually had him rocked in the first round of the fight.

“I got hit so hard in the first round, he hurt me so bad that, it’s one of those deals, I didn’t fully understand where we were…what we were doing,” Sonnen confessed to Ariel Helwani backstage after the show’s conclusion.

“I literally opened my eyes and saw him moving around – he was moving around like he always does – and I said to myself, “Oh, you have no idea how bad you’ve hurt me or you’d step in and do something about it.” That literally went through my head, and my body still doesn’t feel right” he says with a wry smile.

Read more of Sonnen’s thoughts in the keynotes below.

– Sonnen admits that he did tell Bisping prior to the announcement that he “might be right” that the Brit had won two of the three rounds.

– He acknowledged being a little surprised that Dana White also scored it in Bisping’s favor, though he felt it could have gone either way.

– Sonnen believes that Dana is telling the truth when he says that they will pit him against Anderson Silva next, but he’s just not sure whether the UFC president is in possession of all the facts regarding rumors coming out of Brazil in regards to whether the champion will accept the fight.

– He hopes Silva doesn’t duck out of the fight as it’s going to be a great opportunity to “break every record in the history of MMA.”

– Sonnen took being the focus of attention in such a big event watched by millions of people in his stride and attributes that to other things he’s had to deal with in his life that have prepared him for moments like these.

– He admits that he’s not thrilled by the idea of fighting in Brazil, he’d much prefer to not have to leave the country as in general that’s something he doesn’t like to do, but he’s not going to pass up the opportunity.

Watch the full interview below.


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