Chael Sonnen Continues Trash-Talking At UFC 115 Q&A

When you invite Chael Sonnen to be the special guest at the UFC 115 Q&A session your know there’s a pretty good chance you’ll hear some trash talking, and indeed that’s just what happened.

On this occasion even the revered Nogueira brothers weren’t safe from the next challenger to Anderson Silva’s 185lb belt as the he quipped that “A black belt from the Nogueira brother’s is like saying I got a free toy in my happy meal.”

Along with trotting out a few insults in Silva’s direction that we’ve heard him used before, Sonnen also stated that he was confident in his ability to take the dominant Brazilian to the mat in their fight.

“I’ve got two national championship plaques on my wall that says I can take him down. I’ve got a silver medal from the world championships in 2001 that says he can’t stop me from taking him down. If he’s got an answer to it, God bless him.”

Though Sonnen has shown him to be adept at poking fun at his opponents there may be a backlash brewing over some of his remarks. In an article in the Huffington Post on Thursday he was accused of having racist overtones in some of his recent twitter messages directed at Silva and his Black House team-mates.

When asked about them Sonnen denied having a twitter account, and indeed he reiterated that fact during the Q&A session.  Unfortunately for him fans have already dug up an interview he did with Ariel Helwani back in April when he said he was using twitter, even going as far as to spell out the address of the account that The Huffington Post referred to.

The puzzling thing about all this is that Sonnen is apparently a smart guy, so how did he not see this coming?  Even if you ignore the argument about some of his remarks being racist, some of his other comments, tongue-in-cheek though they may be – are clearly not going to go down well in the world of politics.

For instance at the press Q&A he says, “I’ll smile to his [Silva’s] face and if he turns his back I’m gonna stick a knife in him and walk away without even cleaning up the mess.”

As far as his MMA career this kind of talk may get some laughs, but for his political aspirations in Oregon and beyond it’s clearly going to come back to haunt him sooner or later.

Watch highlights of Sonnen’s UFC 115 Q&A in the video below.


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