Chael Sonnen Dominates Brian Stann At UFC 136

Chael Sonnen staked his claim for a rematch with Anderson Silva tonight after completely dominating Brian Stann at UFC 136.

Sonnen showed his strategy immediately from the start as he immediately closed the distance, pressed Stann up against the Octagon cage and began to grind away at Stann.

Before long he was successfully executing his first takedown by way of a trip. From there it was all Sonnen as he completely dominated the striker on the mat, switching between the mount and back mount several times and continuing to wear him down with ground and pound strikes.

Round two featured more of the same as Sonnen immediately swooped for a double leg takedown, gaining side control and then full mount with relative ease.

Stann managed to fight his way back to guard, but he was simply being overwhelmed on the ground by a superior grappler.

Luckily for him the referee handed him a lifeline by standing the pair up prematurely giving him a chance to work his striking. He looks to throw some heavy blows but unfortunately for him Sonnen was having none of it and quickly closed him down again and landed another big takedown.

Sonnen then finally makes a move to finish the fight, setting himself in position for an arm triangle and after attempting valiantly to fight it off Stann is forced to tap.

This was a dominant display from start to finish from Sonnen, and surely now will lead to an eagerly awaited rematch with 185lb champion Anderson Silva who he called out post-fight.


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