You’ll probably not be too surprised to hear that Chael Sonnen had a few words to offer about Anderson Silva’s latest victory against Vitor Belfort at the weekend.

Apparently Silva becoming the first man to ever KO Belfort, and doing so by a technically perfect and visually spectacular front kick, was not enough to impress the former No.1 contender, who offered his take on the champion’s performance to an inquisitive fan.

“Thank you, Anderson, for revealing yet another weakness for me to exploit in our rematch. Beating that poor punching bag doesn’t impress Uncle Chael, guy. You tipped your hand like a chump poker player at a $5 table in Atlantic City. You may have beaten Vitor, but in the process, you LOST your edge. By beating that husk, you gave me the last page of your playbook. Revel in your time, [because] it ENDS the night you face me. I will mow you down like autumn wheat, AGAIN.”

Of course Sonnen is qualified to give his opinion after coming as close as anyone to defeating Silva in the UFC, and in fairness he also knows a thing or two about losing your edge after having being suspended for using performance enhancing steroids after their fight.

While Sonnen’s latest comments smack of sour grapes there is certainly room for a rematch, but given his recent issues it’s likely he’ll need to prove himself again against at least one more top contender when he finally returns to the Octagon before that fight can become a reality.


  1. Chael Sonnen on ‘roids could not beat Silva. He should stop mouthing off and concentrate on rebuilding his ruined reputation.