Chael Sonnen Says He’s The Second Best Fighter In The UFC

Despite losing to Anderson Silva at UFC 117, Chael Sonnen was not lacking in self-confidence when he spoke to the media after the post-fight press conference.

In fact, Speaking to The Telegraph’s Gareth Davies, Sonnen declared that, “I am the best fighter in this company, excluding Couture.  Couture could beat me.  Aside from that I’m the best fighter in the UFC.  Win or lose tonight, win or lose other nights, there’s no one in this business like me.”

Sonnen also had some scathing words for some of the company’s other stars.

“There’s a locker room full of cowards in this company.  They don’t want to walk in the ring with Anderson, they don’t want to walk in the ring with me then they should quit and go do something else.”

As far as he is concerned the only thing that matters is winning the title.

“I just want to be champion.  I have no other goal.  I’m not in this for the fame or the money, I’m in this for twelve pounds of gold.”

Watch Sonnen’s full interview below.


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