Chael Sonnen Withdraws From Political Race In Oregon

Current UFC middleweight No.1 contender Chael Sonnen’s politic ambitions appear to have been put on hold for the time being after he withdrew from the race to become a representative in Oregon due to a legal issue.

As well as being a fighter Sonnen is involved in the Real Estate business, and he indicates that this is the reason for his decision.  Read his official statement on the matter below.

“In the best interests of my district, I am resigning from my campaign for the Oregon House of Representatives. A 2006 legal issue has arisen that needs my immediate attention. I am not at liberty to disclose the details, but my name was involved in a real estate case that requires a ruling. If the ruling is adverse, I would be disqualified from running for office until 2011. So, given that possibility, I have chosen to withdraw my name as a candidate in 2010. I will continue to contribute to my community and ensure that we have a capable candidate to run for my district in November.”

While we wouldn’t doubt his version of events, it’s also worth noting that in the past week there’s been a potential political storm brewing over controversial remarks which Sonnen has made on what is believed to be his twitter account recently.

The Huffington Post declared tweets on the site he is alleged to have written in reference to Anderson Silva were borderline racist and inappropriate for someone with political aspirations.

Sonnen denied the twitter account was his, but it was later discovered that he himself had confirmed that it was his earlier in the year, and there was video evidence to prove it.

Whether that was the real reason for his withdrawal or not I’m pleased that the decision has been made as it could have led to some negative media attention for the sport of MMA if it had progressed any further.

Also, in my opinion, with the biggest fight of his career ahead of him on August 7th, it’s perhaps for the best that he focuses all his attention on that instead.


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