Chael Sonnen’s Fraud Sentencing Delayed Until April 8th

UFC star Chael Sonnen’s sentencing after pleading guilty to fraud earlier in the year was originally supposed to be delievered today, but the court have now adjourned the hearing until April 8th.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, here’s Sonnen’s own description of events taken straight from his guilty plea.

“On or about June 20, 2006, in the District of Oregon, I knowingly caused a check to be issued by USNB in the amount of $69,091.53 to Crown Plumbing from the mortgage loan proceeds at the closing of the [] sale of 11249 S.E. Rolling Hills. I knew that these funds would not be paid to Crown Plumbing, but kicked back to the buyer, []. The purpose of this transaction was to further a scheme to defraud Decision One Mortgage by representing that these funds paid for repairs on the residence.”

Though Sonnen’s charge could, in a worst case scenario, have landed him in prison for 20 years and come with a $500,000 fine, it is understood that he has agreed to a plea bargain that will see him escape jail time.

The details of the plea deal are as follows:

“The Parties agree and will recommend that defendant serve a two (2) year probationary sentence and pay a fine of $10,000. Defendant also agrees and understands that as a condition of this recommendation, defendant will take all necessary steps to administratively forfeit his license in the state of Oregon and any other state in which defendant is currently licensed to engage in the sale and purchase of real estate by the time of his sentencing.”

It should be noted that Sonnen is currently suspended from the UFC due to both the Fraud charge and recent NSAC steroid suspension (which has now been served), but while there’s no official confirmation, it’s expected that the promotion will allow him to return after the hearing.

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