Chael Sonnen’s Return Date Still Unclear As NSAC Hearing Pushed Back To May

After Chael Sonnen avoided a prison sentence earlier this month after pleading guilty to a money laundering charge, both the fighter himself and UFC president Dana White indicated that they wanted him back in the Octagon as soon as possible.

Unfortunately the Nevada State Athletic Commission still require answers from Sonnen primarily on both his 2010 suspension for steriods, and the fraud charge before they will be willing to give him a license, and it seems that they are in no particular hurry to do so.

Originally Sonnen said he hoped that a hearing could be arranged within a week, or at least by the end of April, but although the 27th of the month was ear-marked, but it has now been pushed back to mid-May instead.

Given that NSAC have it in their power to deny Sonnen a license it’s highly unlikely that the UFC will announce his next opponent until after the matter has been resolved, though there does appear to be considerable interest in the former No.1 middleweight contender fighting the UK’s Michael Bisping.

For his part Sonnen has claimed that he’s asked the UFC to give him, “the worst guy you have under contract,” due to the fact that he’s been spending more time in the court room than the training room of late.


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