Prior to their fight at UFC 126, Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin publicly joked that the loser should get a dragon tattoo.

Nobody was quite sure if they were serious or not, but after losing by unanimous decision, Franklin revealed that he was indeed planning to go through with the bet.

Even Griffin was taken back by the announcement.

“I don’t believe it,” Griffin told MMA Fighting. “We didn’t even shake hands on it. I definitely would not be getting it if I lost. I’d be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, of course,’ but then if I lost, you would have to knock me out to get me in that chair.”

Today Franklin unveiled to the world his new ink. Check it out below.


All is not quite what it seems though…

“My “Henna” Tattoo..Ok, nobody said it had to be REAL:-) Oh, and Forrest said he would pay for the removal so he owes me a bar of soap!”