Chris Holdsworth was cronwed the TUF 18 men’s champion tonight after tapping out David Grant with a rear-naked choke in the second round.

Round One

Grant fires off leg kicks to begin this one. Holdsworth wades in with a big punch tha misses and then looks to clinch up against the cage.

He’s trying for a takedown, but Grant gets some space and unleashes with aggressive strikes that cause Holdsworth to quickly move back in for the clinch.

Working hard for that takedown again, but it’s not happening. They break apart again and start to exchange. Holdsworth lands a good punch that gives Grant pause for thought.

Again Holdsworth is in to the clinch and hunting for an opportunity to get this fight down to the mat where he feels he has the advantage. Grant doing well to block his attempts though.

Back to the striking they go and Grant is really winging some heavy punches, but luckily for Holdsworth they aren’t quite finding their mark most of the time.

Another unsuccessful stint of clinching and working for the takedown from Holdsworth. A familiar pattern is already being established here and so it goes on until the final minute when Grant tries to get a throw of his own, but gets it wrong and Holdsworth ends on top. There’s not enough time for him to do anything much other than consolidate the position though.

Round Two

High kick from Holdsworth early in the round which lands hard, but Grant still catches it. He can’t quite use that to dump him to the mat though.

Soon after Holdsworth is back into the clinch against the cage and this time he’s able to get the takedown. Grant’s also sporting a bloodied nose too now as Holdsworth starts to improve his position and then takes his back.

Holdsworth slips in the rear-naked choke and it’s tight. Grant taps and Holdsworth becomes the newest winner of ‘The Ultimate Fighter!’