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Chris Lytle Received Locker Room Bonus For UFC 116 Submission

At the conclusion of the action-packed UFC 116 card earlier this month many people believed that Chris Lytle’s straight armbar + triangle choke submission on Matt Brown was going to be awarded the ‘Submission Of The Night’ award.

It then turned out that the $75,000 bonus had in fact went to Brock Lesnar for his unexpected arm triangle choke on Shane Carwin in the main event of the evening.

UFC president Dana White did however reassure the media gathered at the post-fight press conference that due to the quality of the fights on show that evening, that several fighters would be awarded extra ‘locker-room’ bonuses.

Today Lytle’s manager Ken Pavia confirmed to MMAWeekly that Lytle had indeed been the recipient of such a bonus.

“The bonus of the night was $75,000.  [The bonus Chris Ltyle was given] wasn’t near that, but it was still significant,” Pavia says. “It was more than a mere token, so we’re very happy about that.  They took care of him, they gave him a nice chunk.

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