Chuck Liddell To Make A Decision On Retirement This Month

After suffering his third KO loss in a row at UFC 115 against Rich Franklin, it seemed that UFC legend Chuck Liddell’s career was finally at an end.

So far the star has not officially declared that he’s going to hang up his gloves though, and it’s evident when you hear him being interviewed that a part of him still wants to continue.

“It’s about how I feel and if I want to go back and make a run at a title and how far away that would be. And whatever I think is left in the tank,” Liddell tells the Star Tribune in a new interview.

It’s much the same comments as he made during an extended layoff last year before deciding to have “one last run at the title.”

On that occasion he managed to talk his friend and UFC president Dana White into letting him get back into the octagon, but since his latest loss White has been adamant that he won’t let him compete in the UFC anymore.

Realistically, not only will it be difficult for him to get White to go against his word again, but also with just one win in his last six fights and the light-heavyweight division currently stacked with top contenders, ‘The Iceman’ is nowhere near title contention.

It could just be that Lidell hasn’t had a lot of time to himself since the fight to sit back and see the writing on the wall.  According to the 40 year-old that will happen this month though.

“I’ve been doing PR stuff for the last couple months, and I’ll finally be home for the month. I’ll probably decide sometime in September, when I have time to relax.”

Occasionally he does give a rare indication that he is genuinely contemplating retiring though.

“I don’t feel like there’s anything left to prove. I still love fighting, but there’s a lot that goes into it. Maybe it might be time. I’m just not sure yet.”

Liddell is in a very fortunate position in that, unlike many other fighters in the sport, he’s made enough money that he doesn’t need to fight any more.

Hopefully he’ll make the right decision and realize that it’s now time to take a step back and pursue other goals.  If he still has that in-built desire to fight and can’t find a way to switch it off then it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Dana White stated after his last fight that if he wanted to compete again he’d have to do so outside of the UFC, but would he really let him cross over to a rival promotion like Strikeforce if it started to materialize though?


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