Ciryl Gane Beats Alexander Volkov By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 190

Ciryl Gane was able to outstrike Alexander Volkov in the main event of UFC Fight Night 190 to earn a unanimous decision victory and maintain his unbeaten career record, which now extends to 9-0.

Round One:

The heavyweight main event is underway in Las Vegas.

Leg kick for Volkov and then another. Gane looks to land one and Volkov tries another.

Front kick to the body from Volkov and then a punch and another kick behind it.

Leg kicks from Gane. Volkov presses into range with a punch and then a leg kick behind it. Front kick to the body for the Russian.

Leg kick for Gane. Good jab from Gane. Hard body kick for Gane and Volkov responds with a leg kick.

Gane swings and misses on a punch as Volkov was working a leg kick. Inside leg kick for Gane and kick in response from Volkov.

Solid front kick to the body for Gane and a leg kick from Volkov. Flurry of punches from Volkov now. Front kick attempt from Volkov.

Fast right hand from Gane and then attempts a takedown, but Volkov stuffs it and Gane backs off him despite being into the clinch against the cage.

Inside leg kick from Volkov. Now one to the other leg. Gane steps into another straight punch, but doesn’t connect cleanly.

Front kick to the body attempted by Volkov. Gane fires back with a punch and a low kick. Front kick to the body, leg kick combo from Volkov. Short flurry of punches from Gane.

Round Two:

Quick jab from Gane. Exchange of leg kicks. Body punch for Gane. Volkov with an inside leg kick and then another. Gane taking the center of the cage though.

Volkov moving back to the center and lands a front kick to the body. Volkov backing up again now. Gane with a grazing left hand.

Inside leg kick and body kick from Volkov. Front kick to the body from Gane. Head kick attempt from Volkov. Body punch from Gane.

Outside leg kick from Volkov. Now an inside leg kick. Volkov presses forward, but Gane keeps the jab in his face. Both kick to the legs. Straight left for Ciryl gets through. Now another one.

Body kick from Volkov. Jab for VOlkov. Front kick to the midsection from Gane. Hard body kick from Gane.

Brief flurry of strikes from both men. Eye poke from Gane forces a brief stoppage.

Quickly back to action they go. Gane constantly taking the center of the Octagon and backing Volkov up. Knee to the body for Gane.

Body punch from Volkov. Now a solid left hook and right hand from Volkov. Now Gane presses forward. He lands a jab. Now a leg kick. Volkov with a leg kick of his own.

Good quick jab from Gane. Fast hands from Gane, but doesn’t connect cleanly. leg kick for Gane. Front kick aimed at the midsection by Volkov.

Round Three:

Leg kick from Gane, but Volkov lands a nice straight counter punch. Gane with a kick. VOlkov with one of his own.

Gane backing VOlkov up towards the cage again as has often been the case. Nice left hand from Gane and a leg kick in response from Volkov.

Volkov pressing forward towards the center of the cage, but then eats a quick left hand from Gane. Volkov misses with a punch. Gane with a body kick, but stumbles to the mat afterwards. Volkov moves forward, but Gane pops right back up.

Body punch for Gane. Volkov fakes a punch and then steps into range and gets caught by a counter punch. Hard one-two for Gane.

Straight right for Volkov. Inside leg kick from Gane. A couple of good punches for Gane snap Volkov’s head back.

Aggressive flurry from Gane. Gane swings and misses as he looks for power punches. Now a leg kick from him. Crisp jab. Heavy body punch. The jab again and a body kick as Volkov starts to fade with his own output.

Straight right for Volkov and a leg kick. Gane barrels forward landing punches then backs out again.

A lull in the action and then a front kick to the body from Gane. Straight punches exchanged and Gane landed cleaner and then a front kick to the body.

leg kick for Volkov. Oblique kick for Gane and a punch to the face to end the round. Gane dictating the striking action and cage control so far.

Round Four:

Body punch for Volkov. He lands a jab. Now an outside leg kick. Gane punches back. He connects with a jab. Now a front kick to the body.

Volkov with a punch and then a leg kick behind it. Gane tries to go for a flurry, but Volkov circles out. Spinning backfist from Gane misses.

Jab for Volkov. Uppercut in close as Gane steps into the clinch. Gane looks to let his hands go and eats a nice counter uppercut from Volkov.

Volkov with a jab and then another punch behind it. Jab for Gane. Jab for Volkov and then fends off a takedown attempt.

Gane with a leg kick. Gane pumps out the jab. Straight right and a leg kick for Volkov. Gane presses into range, but it’s Volkov who lands a few punches off the back foot.

Kick for Gane. Now a stiff jab. Two minutes of the round remaining. Nicely timed jab from Gane. Another jab lands.

Low leg kick for Volkov and a kick in response from Gane. Another jab for Gane and a leg kick. Leg kick for Volkov. Body punch from him. Short hooks from Volkov in close.

Push kick from Gane. Solid uppercut from Volkov as Gane was ducked down. Front kick to the body for Volkov. Now a kick to the leg. Gane with a jab.

Round Five:

Gane with a kick and Volkov counters with a punch. Both land a straight punch apiece. Volkov with a body punch and leg kick.

Gane attempts a short elbow that just misses. Gane with quick one-two. Gane targets the body with a punch.

Jab for Volkov, but then a harder one in response from Gane. leg kick for Volkov. Hard knees to the body from Gane.

One-two for Gane. Now another rapier-like jab. left hook for Volkov grazes the target as Gane was trying to let his hands go.

Right hand for Volkov. Gane tries an overhand. Hard body kick for Gane. Jab for Volkov. Outside leg kicks for Volkov.

Left hand and then a good right for Gane. Body kick from Volkov. Another lands. Right hand counter from Volkov. He threatens with an uppercut.

Gane ducks and then lands an uppercut. Gane still fresh as he looks to land punches. Volkov not too tired either, but not showing the same activity levels.

Gane pressing into range throwing strikes, but then an outstretched hand leads to him eyepoking Volkov and so there’s a stoppage to give him time to recover.

Thankfully Volkov is able to continue with not much time in the final round remaining. Volkov presses forward on the reset, but then Gane lands a solid body kick.

leg kick from Gane. Now one from Volkov. He lands another on the inside. Both look like they could go a sixth round, but this one’s heading to the scorecards.


So Gane was the busier, quicker fighter throughout and commanded the center of the Octagon well to earn a unanimous decision victory (50-45 x2, 49-46).

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