Clay Guida Forces Rafael Dos Anjos To Tap Out At UFC 117

For the first one and a half rounds of this lightweight contest Rafael Dos Anjos controlled the fight with Clay Guida, using his ever-improving muay thai to his advantage, in particular his kicks, to clearly establish himself as the superior striker.

Just when it seemed like Guida had no answer for Dos Anjos attack he suddenly rediscovered his ground game mid-way through the second round and took the fight to the floor where he immediately took the upper hand with his typically grinding approach to top control.

Now with a clear route to victory Guida came out more positive in the final round and once again got the fight to the floor. As he worked for position up against the fence Dos Anjos suddenly tapped out. At first it was unclear what had caused the tap, but it soon became apparent that the Brazilian was injured, with a broken jaw believed to be the problem.

It later emerged that Dos Anjos had in fact broken his jaw in the first round and with Guida applying pressure from top position in the third the pain became unbearable, forcing the tap.

It’s not the perfect way to win a fight, but Guida will certainly take it. The win moves him to 27-11 and back up the lightweight ladder.

As for Dos Anjos, it was an unfortunate end that takes him to 14-5, but he demonstrated good stand-up to match his proven BJJ skills and he remains a challenging opponent for anyone in the 155lb mix.


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