Coach Erik Paulson Talks About Brock Lesnar’s Next Fight

Brock Lesnar’s coach Erik Paulson has been talking about the current UFC heavyweight champion in new interview with

The conversation starts with a discussion of Lesnar’s previous fight with Shane Carwin, with Paulson recalling his thoughts in the opening round when his fighter appeared in serious danger of being stopped.

“Brock kind of fetaled up which was weird for me because I thought he would have scrambled, so I think he really got rocked with that shot,” Paulson says.

Lesnar survived the enslaught, but Paulson admits, “It was close, we were all nervous.”

The fight eventually swung Lesnar’s way and though few would have predicted the wrestler finishing with a technical submission move, Paulson says he actually predicted it would end that way.

“I have a piece of paper that I wrote.  It said ‘Brock will win, round 2/3 via shoulder triangle choke.’ and it’s sitting on my desk at home right now.”

Moving on to Lesnar’s next challenge against Cain Velasquez,

“What I think Brock needs more than anything is good sparring partners who can kickbox and grapple. So he’s got to get some guys in his camp that can actually throwdown with good striking, good takedowns, good takedown defense.  So I’m sure the goal for that camp will be to bring some good strikers in.”

From the sounds of things Paulson isn’t going to have the final say on how this camp is run though.

“I already know a game plan that would work for him should be like, but it’s just word of advice,” he says. “Whether or not he  follows through with that is up to him, I don’t know. Marty (Morgan) is in charge of his camp and he brings a lot of different guys in so, it’s their choice. All you can do is offer a comment.”

Finally Paulson gave his view on Velasquez, who many believe could be the champion’s toughest test to date.

“He’s real tough.  There’s a big size difference though with Brock and him.  So the power factor…but he hits hard, he’s fast, he’s in and out.  He’s a good wrestler so he can actually stop stuff and get out of stuff.  I don’t know if he’s used to dealing with someone as big and powerful as Brock.  I think that’s a big thing.”

Watch the full interview below.


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