Cole Miller Doesn’t Mind Gatekeeper Role, But Wants To Be A Title Contender

Following his second round win over Ross Pearson at UFC Fight Night 22, lightweight contender Cole Miller elaborated on his own personal fighting philosophy which sees him focus on finishing his opponent.

“I think that my personal style as a fighter, as a martial artist is – you need to finish people, and you need to try to finish people,”
Miller tells

“Martial arts, the first part is self-defense.  The second part is eliminating your enemy so they can no longer be a threat to you and others around you.  So I think that a lot of people need to be focusing more on that and less of this ‘sport fighting’ aspect.”

Despite his desire to get knockouts and submissions at all costs, Miller doesn’t want to just be a crowd-pleaser in the UFC, he also has his gaze set on the summit of the 155lb weight class.

“I hope to be a title contender.  I think I can do good with the guys that have already had their chances and moments in the sun.  The biggest thing is consistency,” says the fighter, who holds a record of 6-2 inside the octagon and is now two fights unbeaten.

For now though some may still see him as somewhat of a ‘gatekeeper’ in the division, and though it’s a tag that some fighters don’t want, the 26 year-old doesn’t mind it, as long as it’s not forever.

“I was in a gatekeeper position and maybe still am, but that’s not because I made myself [think] ‘oh this is the way I’ll be forever’.  I have high standards that I set for myself and you know, before your a gatekeeper what are you?  You’re just a rookie, you’re just a new kid on the block.  You know I don’t think gatekeeper’s an insult, but now hopefully that I beat an Ultimate Fighter winner and I guy who was 3-0 coming in, hopefully that’ll put me one step up and I can start to fight the contenders you know, and the bigger names that people know.”

Watch Cole Miller’s full post-fight interview below.


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