There was an interesting development today with regards to the official method of stoppage during UFC Fight Night 25’s main event between Jake Shields and Jake Ellenberger.

On the night Ellenberger’s victory was announced as a TKO stoppage after he landed a flush knee to shields face and then finished up with a barrage of left hands to the head which forced the referee to bring the fight to an end.

However, today Alvin Topham, the Chairman of the Louisiana Boxing and Wrestling Commission revealed to MMAJunkie that as far as he understood it Shields actually verbally submitted prior to the referees intervention.

“It’s my understanding that he verbally said he had enough, or something of that nature, and the referee stopped it. Of course, the referee was going to stop it anyway.”

That doesn’t gel with Shields recollection of events as backstage after the fight he told reporters that he was disappointed that the referee had called a halt to the contest as he felt he could still continue.

So it’s not clear who’s version of events is correct, but nonetheless I think it was right that the fight was stopped as Shields was not fit to continue.