Conflicting Reports Over The Extent Of Fedor’s Injuries

After Fedor Emelianenko’s victory over Brett Rogers on Saturday it was widely reported that he had broken his nose, but there have since been conflicting reports over the extent of his injuries.

It had been evident from early on in the fight that Rogers had at the very least left a significant cut on his nose after a heavy jab landed during the early stages but it didn’t appear to significantly affect Fedor’s performance.

On Sunday MMAWeekly reported that “Steven Bash, Emelianenko’s translator and American representative, said Sunday that the jab caused a deep cut to his nose, but did not damage it in any other way.”

Now the La Times is reporting that Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker as having said that, “He suffered a fracture and tendon damage in his left thumb, and a fractured nose in the Rogers fight.”

Scott Coker also told the paper that, “[The hand injury] could’ve been from that blow when he had Brett on the mat at the end.  We’re hearing he could be out for four to six months.”

If anybody is likely to know then it would be Scott Coker, but hopefully we’ll get clarification on the matter in the next few days to remove any element of doubt.

UPDATE (11th Nov):

This story has had several twists and turns over the past few days, but finally appear to have the definitive confirmation that we’ve been looking for.  They reported today that:

“The Russian heavyweight underwent a successful surgery Tuesday in Los Angeles to correct a dislocated thumb in his left hand and will have a half cast removed in 4-6 weeks.”

“The fighter’s reps said two pins were placed in Emelianenko’s hand to correct the dislocation, and that the bone had not fractured nor broken through the skin as is possible with this type of injury.”

“Emelianenko also said that his nose was not fractured, as was earlier suspected, following Roger’s first punch.” He went on to reveal that, “he’d cut the same area sparring with his brother Aleksander over the summer.”

“Emelianenko said he planned to return to training, sans striking, upon his return to Russia later this week. M-1 officials said Emelianenko could headline his second co-promoted Strikeforce card in the first quarter of 2010.”


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