Court Mcgee emerged victorious against Dongi Yang at UFC fight Night 25 this evening in a bout that only sparked to life in the third round.

The opening stanza was fairly uneventful with both men looking cautious as they tried to feel their way into the stand-up exchanges with punches and kicks from range, with neither landing anything significant.

Onto the second and there was more of the same with both men appearing to lack the desire to really take the fight by the scruff of the neck and look for a finish.

McGee was pushing the pace a little more, but wasn’t doing much with it and also had a few takedown attempts stuffed by the South Korean.

The third round looked as if it was heading the same way until it suddenly exploded to life as Yang landed a left hok that sent McGee reeling across the Octagon.

Yang sprinted across the cage after him and threw a flying knee before going in for the clinch. He wasn’t able to land further punishment however, and when the two fighters broke free it was the South Korean who was suddenly sporting a cut on his face.

The two fighters then returned to exchanging toe-to-toe with Yang again landing a heavy blow, but McGee takes it and keeps pushing forward.

As the round progresses Yang begins to tire while McGee still seems relatively fresh and he takes advantage of it by finally getting a takedown and briefly getting to mount, though Yang manages to escape moments later and gets back to his feet.

McGee persists though and again gets him to the mat in the closing stages and goes for a guillotine choke from top position in the final 10 seconds, but Yang holds out until the bell sounds.

Overall it’s a close fight but the judges favor McGee’s constant pushing of the pace throughout the three rounds and award him the unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28, 30-28).