Cris Cyborg Santos Pleads Naivety Regarding Steroid Use; Others Remain Unconvinced

When Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos was announced as having tested positive for steroids for her Strikeforce fight in December the reality is that not too many people were shocked as the dominant 145lb champion’s uncommonly chiseled physique and unparalleled strength in the cage had lead to questions over whether this was all-natural or the result of illegal drugs usage.

Nevertheless, since the story first broke Cyborg has essentially been protesting her innocence, claiming that she had naively took weight loss pills without realizing that they contained banned substances.

Even as recently as yesterday the Brazilian’s camp were still sticking to that story.

“Cris told me she was given what she was told was a “Diet Pill/Diuretic”….the UCLA Lab states it was a stanozolol metabolites…Our doctor states that stanozolol metabolites have a diuretic effect, and can be used as such,” a member of her camp told MMAPrimeTV

Despite her protestations many inside the MMA community remain unconvinced by her claims.

Amongst those who have questioned the truth of her statements is MMA legend Bas Rutten who’s made it clear in the past he’s completely against the use of steroids in the sport. Here’s what he had to say about the current situation.

“If Cyborg wants to clear her name, simple, send the drink to the athletic commission, let them test it,” Rutten wrote on his Twitter page. “I just don’t believe they put it in drinks to LOSE weight. If they DO put roids in, show the drink and her name is cleared. Its what I would do. Like I said before, they all say “I took something over the counter”. What? Tell us what you took? Help your fellow fighters not to make the same mistake by accident, just saying.”

Meanwhile fast rising female MMA star Ronda Rousey, who had recently been earmarked as a potential title challenger for Cyborg is more blunt in her assessment of the story.

“I feel like anyone with half a brain isn’t surprised. I have mixed emotions of Cyborg being caught cheating because I know everyone knew she was cheating and I wanted to make an example of her because you don’t need to take steroids to win. I think her getting caught is a great thing too. I don’t have the least bit respect for her because I always knew she was a cheater, and now everyone else knows too,” Rousey stated on The MMA Show.

Interestingly, even Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker appears to be doubting the star he once labeled as being the Mike Tyson of female MMA during a media scrum following last weekend’s Strikeforce event.

“The thing that’s really sad about the ‘Cyborg’ thing is, it makes you really wonder the validation of all those other fights,” Coker said in reference to Cyborg’s impressive 11 fight unbeaten run which includes five bouts for the Strikeforce organization.

“At the end of the day, the athlete has to be accountable for their actions. She’s no different,” Coker continued. “If you’re going to cheat you shouldn’t be competing against other professional athletes that aren’t cheating.”

Watch more of Coker’s frank statements on Cyborg’s suspension below.

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