Dan Hardy And Mike Swick Pre-Fight Interviews

After the trash talking that preceded Dan Hardy’s last bout against Marcus Davis, the pre-fight interviews for his latest fight with Mike Swick are far more civilized.

Both fighters have some interesting things to say though ahead of the UFC 105 co-main event this Saturday, as you’ll see for yourself in these interviews.

Dan Hardy:

Key Quote:

“Mike’s very laid back, he’s easy going, he seems to have a decent sense of humor, so I don’t think the trash talking is going to work as well with Mike.  The most important thing is that he knows that I’m ready for this fight and I’m coming for him.”

Mike Swick:

Key Quote:

“He’s getting bolstered up with all this confidence, saying he’s going to throw me a beating and his team saying he’s going to beat me, and all the people he knows saying he’s going to beat me. Hopefully he comes out there that confident you know, because that confidence will turn to panic when that fight starts and he realizes what he’s in for.”


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