Dan Hardy Has His Sights Set On Josh Koscheck

Dan Hardy is currently taking some time away from fighting after an unsuccessful welterweight title challenge against Georges St.Pierre, but in a new interview he reveals that he’s still putting in the hours at the gym.

“Now that I’ve got some time off, I can really invest myself in my training and you know, get back to enjoying it,” he tells fightmagazine.com. “Sometimes it’s difficult to enjoy training when you have to do it.  Right now I don’t have to train so I’m just enjoying myself, and you know, learning.”

He reveals that his latest training includes more jiu-jitsu at Eddie Bravo’s gym, along with working on the weak point in his game – wrestling with fighters Mac Danzig and Chad George.

As a team-mate and close friend of former UFC fighter Paul Daley, Hardy also offered his thoughts on the sucker-punch incident that cost ‘Semtex’ his place in the promotion.

“It’s disappointing you know.  I was sitting at the side of the octagon when it happened and you know it’s just very frustrating.  I’ve know Paul for a long time, you know, 10 years or so now.  He’s always been very hot-headed, and that’s what makes him a great fighter because he sees an opportunity and he takes it.  Unfortunately that was an opportunity that he maybe shouldn’t have taken.”

As for Daley’s opponent on that night, Josh Koscheck, Hardy has few good things to says about him.

“What can you say about Koscheck?  The guys a bitch, you know, he faked the knee and he didn’t come to fight, he came to lay on Paul and control him so it could go a decision.  He’s not going to win any fans like that and I think he knows that as well, but he wants his title shot and he’s got it now.”

Koscheck’s victory on that night not only set up a title shot against GSP, but also a stint as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter Season 12, but despite that Hardy still hopes to fight him at some stage in the future.

“Obviously Koscheck, he’s very deserving of a beating but he’s got GSP lined up next which is unfortunate.  Other than Koscheck there’s not really anybody I’ve got my sights set on, so just whoever’s next.”

As for when we’ll see him next, Hardy says, “I know Im going to be fighting later in the year.  I’m hoping it’s going to be on the UK show…UFC 120 in London I think it is.  So that’s what I’m preparing for.”

No opponent has yet been confirmed for his return.

Watch the full interview with Dan Hardy below courtesy of fightmagazine.com.



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