Following his fourth loss in a row in the main event of UFC On Versus 5 last night a disappointed Dan Hardy spoke to about the fight and what comes next for him.

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– Hardy says he was trying to score a couple of points on the judges scorecards by going for a takedown late in the third round, but admits it was a bad judgement call since he jumped straight into Lytle’s speciality – his guillotine choke.

– According to Hardy, who was sporting a couple of black eyes, he suffered the more superficial damage in the fight, but he felt he had the harder shots, rocking Lytle on a couple of occasions.

Despite that Hardy admits that had the fight gone the distance he believed that Lytle had done enough to get the victory having landed more shots over the course of the contest.

– After the fight word reached Hardy that Lorenzo Fertitta had vowed to give him one more fight, but according to the Brit he doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve it, and according to him he feels they would have been entitled to cut him even before his latest loss.

– Hardy is in no rush to get back into the cage however despite being handed another lifeline, and now plans to take some time off from competing and dedicate himself to getting better in the gym.

In fact ‘The Outlaw’ states that even if he had won he would still have taken time off as due to the whirlwind nature of his career in the UFC he doesn’t feel like he’s had time to step back and just evolve as a fighter.

– Hardy says he’s always been a fan of Lytle’s and feels honored to have been his last opponent.