Dan Hardy UFC 120 Post-Fight Interview After KO Loss

UFC 120 will no doubt be an event that the UK’s Dan Hardy will wish to forget after suffering the first KO loss of his career against Carlos Condit.

Despite that he showed his character by attending the post-fight press conference to talk to the media about the fight just minutes after returning from a hospital check-up.  Luckily doctor’s hadn’t found anything troubling in his post-fight scans.

“Yeah, everything’s fine, everything’s good” he said,  “They took a photograph of my brain and said there’s still one rat dancing around in their somewhere, so we’re good.

As you might expect Hardy doesn’t have a clear recollection of how the fight unfolded and what he did wrong.

“I’m going to have to go back and watch the fight,” Hardy admitted.  “I can remember parts of it.  I also remember my coach having a word with me in the ambulance on the way to the hospital,  just telling me I wasn’t putting my combinations together and stuff like that.  I got caught, that’s why it”s a sport.

“It was good punch man, congratulations,” he said with a chuckle to Condit who was sitting nearby.

Though the fight could not have gone any worse from the Brit’s perspective, he admits his spirits were lifted by the huge home support cheered and applauded him after the bout was over.

“It’s always nice to have that support, you know.  There’s always a small minority that have always got something negative to say about what happened, but to have 16,0000 fans, that support, it makes a big difference.  I mean losing in my opinion is the worst feeling in the world.  I’m sure in the rest of my life I’ll come across worse things but it’s ranked up their with the worst, and it just softens the blow a little bit…pardon the pun.”

Though clearly down Hardy’s post-fight thoughts still contained a number of humorous quips, such as when he was asked why he didn’t try to take the fight to the mat as he had suggested pre-fight.

“I genuinely did have the intention of taking the fight to the floor….obviously I didn’t plan to go their on my own, like what happened,” he joked.

This year looked to be Hardy’s biggest yet, particularly after getting the opportunity to fight for the welterweight title, but on reflection he admits it hasn’t been the successful start to the decade he had hoped for.

“It’s a learning curve, you know what I mean.  2010 wasn’t my year.  I had two losses this year.  I’ve only had two losses back-to-back once…you know, get back on the horse, keep pushing forward – I’ll be back.”

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