Former welterweight No.1 contender Dan Hardy will make his first appearance since losing to title holder Georges St.Pierre in a challenging match-up with Carlos Condit, MMAWeekly reports.

Condit recently pulled off a last-gasp win over emerging 170lb prospect Rory MacDonald and the former WEC champion will look to solidify his place in the upper half of the division with a win over Hardy.

Hardy will have home advantage in the encounter which is expected to take place in London’s O2 Arena at UFC 120 on October 16th.

Since his convincing loss to GSP back in March Hardy has been looking to fill out the holes in his game – in particular his wrestling, with an aim to working his way back up to a rematch with the champion in the future.


  1. Despite Condits impressive record in the WEC and previous fighting expierience, I think this a bad match up for him. Hardy is a bigger and stronger welterweight, and in my books a much better striker. Both are most likely going to want to stand up and bang, and I think if it does go to the clinch or ground, I think Hardy will be able to muscle out of anything or endure any submissions Condit can throw on him.
    I see Condit getting hurt in this fight. Bad.

  2. Confident prediction Eric! I’m leaning towards Hardy in this one, but I’m not ruling out Condit who’s shown numerous times that he’s got tons of heart and is a threat until the final bell.

    I definitely give Hardy the stand-up edge, he’s got the better boxing and more power, but Condit’s fights invariably seem to end up on the floor at some point and I think that could be an interesting battle.