There was never any real doubt, but in case anyone was wondering Dan Henderson’s manager Aaron Crecy confirmed that his client would be over the moon to fight Fedor Emelianenko.

“Dan has indicated he’d love to have the fight and he hasn’t shied away from that,” Crecy tells MMAfighting. “He’d love to have the fight, and have it at heavyweight. He’s happy to challenge Fedor there.”

At this moment in time the contract hasn’t been signed though, with negotiations still going on between Fedor’s management M-1 Global and Showtime / Strikeforce.

M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelchtein indicated yesterday that they are also keen to see the fight take place in July however, and Henderson is doing everything he can to ensure that they don’t change their mind.

“There’s no reason not to do it. Dan certainly wants it from his end, he’s saying he wants the fight and he wanted to leave no reason for Fedor not to accept it. He’s not asking for a catch weight or 205.”

If a deal can be reached then it will afford Henderson the opportunity to fulfill a long-held ambition to fight the Russian superstar.

“Dan admires the guy and feels it’s a challenge he’s wanted to take for a long time,” Crecy says. “He’s embraced the possibility of it for a long time.”

A fight with Fedor may not hold quite the same allure as it did a year ago when Fedor was still in the midst of a remarkable 10 year unbeaten run, but there’s no doubt that his name still carries weight in the fight game, and the opportunity to see him fight another highly regarded veteran of the sport who’s much closer to his own weight than the giants he’s been fighting recently, is unquestionably a mouthwatering prospect.