Dan Henderson Not Planning To Gain Weight For Fedor Emelianenko Fight

Perhaps the biggest fight of the month comes on July 30th when current Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Dan Henderson squares off with another legend of the sport, Fedor Emelianenko.

The bout is set to be fought in Fedor’s division, heavyweight, but according to Henderson he has no plans to bulk up for this eagerly awaited showdown.

“I think I have to weigh-in over 206 – so 206.1, I guess,” Henderson told MMAjunkie of his intended weight for the fight.

Though Fedor is fairly light for the division, generally fighting at around 225-230lbs, that still means that Henderson will be considerably lighter on the night, but that’s not something that concerns the former UFC and PRIDE fighter.

“In the past, I’ve never felt small against heavyweights. I was excited for the fight, in general, and I don’t care what he comes in at. I’ve never agreed with catchweights in the past, and I’m OK fighting up, so it is what it is.”

It’s a gamble on Henderson’s part, but no doubt a calculated one. Having spent a good portion of his career fighting at 185lbs, Henderson’s 5ft 11″ frame isn’t neccessarily well suited to packing on more weight, and may do him more harm than good in terms of his overall mobility.

Also, with Henderson set to turn 41 in August it’s perhaps not the best idea to be yoyo-ing up and down in weight. It would appear that this fight at heavyweight is a one-off, and due to the fact that regardless of whether he wins or loses his next fight will be a title defense at 205lbs, it makes sense to stick within that general ballpark here.

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