Dan Henderson’s trademark overhand right was again called into action tonight as he defeated Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante to become the new Strikeforce 205lb champ.

The first round started cautiously with both men clearly respecting each others power. Slowly Henderson began to stalk Feijao with his trademark right hand poised.

Eventually he let it fly, but Feijao escaped unscathed and then shocked the veteran with a blistering right hand of his own that knocked Henderson down. He regained his quickly though and showed his experience by quickly getting back to his feet and successfully executed a takedown.

From there Henderson was happy to just hold position and dust off the cobwebs from the knockdown, and eventually the referee was forced to stand them back up. The rest of the round was relatively uneventful, with Henderson clinching with Feijao up against the fence with little offense being displayed.

In the second Henderson again looked to dictate where the fight was taking place by using the cage to contain the Brazilian. With the fight going nowhere fast, Feijao attempted a trip takedown, but Henderson showed exceptional balance to end up on top of his opponent.

However, before Henderson could get off some offense from the position, Feijao did a nice job of reversing him. Unable to do anything with the position though, the two men were then quickly stood up. Another takedown for Henderson as the clock ticked down ensured the round was swinging in his favor.

Onto the third and Henderson finally found a home for his patented overhand right, and it sent Feijao flying across the cage. Hendo wasted no time and seizeed the back of his turtled up opponent and began throwing vicious strikes until the referee jumped in to call an end to the fight with just 0.50mins of the round gone.

And with that Henderson becomes the new Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion at the tender age of 40.