Dana White And Frank Shamrock Reignite Old Feud On Twitter

UFC president Dana White and fighter turned Strikeforce color commentator Frank Shamrock have held a mutual dislike for each other for a number of years, and it seems that even today their feud is still ongoing.

Yesterday Shamrock was asked which fight would bring him out of retirement.  As you’ll see below his answer of ‘Dana White’ sparked off a chain of back-and-forth emails with his nemesis.

White: @frankshamrock after seeing the beatins frank has got in his last few fights I don’t blame him for wanting to fight me!!!!  Plus he’s had those goofy braces on for like 7 years now and wouldn’t want to [expletive] that grill up.

Shamrock: anytime, anyplace.

Apparently holding no interest in fighting Shamrock himself, White then threw UFC fighter Mike ‘Quick’ Swick’s name into the conversation due to the fact that the former TUF season 1 star has previously aired his grievences about Shamrock, who was at one time a training partner of his, on Twitter, describing him as “a bully.”

White: swick has been beggin me to put a beatin on u. He thinks its a joke u do anti bully [expletive], says he never met bigr bully then u

Shamrock: real men fight their own battles. I watched you beat up a girl and celebrate. Swick knows the truth and so do I. Anytime bro.

White: u are such a [expletive] weirdo! Lol, if you are feeling all macho again after ur last man sized beatins swick is ready!

White – Swick: I think @frankshamrock is ready for the beatin you want to give him for being a punk bully with guys who can’t fight.

Swick: Woa Twitter! lol @FrankShamrock I dont know anything about the truth u know that I know. “Anytime bro” to me? @DanaWhite am I fightin Frank?

Several other people have queried White since about the possibility of a Swick Vs Shamrock fight, but according to White the former UFC and Strikeforce fighter would never accept that bout.

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