Dana White And GSP Interviews On OTR (June 23rd-24th)

It seems Dana White and Georges St.Pierre are practically part of the furniture on Canadian show ‘Off The Record’ hosted by Michael Landsberg these days.

This week they both made their latest appearances on the show to answer questions on a host of topics.  Here’s some of the highlights of what they had to say.

Dana White Interview: Part 1 & Part 2

–  Dana says Josh Koscheck’s allegations that GSP uses steroids was, “pretty stupid, a pretty idiotic statement.” White pointed out that the UFC has some of the strictest drug testing policies of any sport, and said there wasn’t a need for more frequent testing.

– The UFC president agreed that next weekend’s UFC 116 title fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin is one of the biggest fights they’ve ever put on and, “probably the best fight in heavyweight history.”

–  He says that he’s heard that Lesnar has had his best camp ever and now that he’s 100% clear of his Diverticulitis he expects to see the best Brock Lesnar we’ve seen so far.

–  Shane Carwin recently revealed that’ll he make just $40,000 + an additional $40,000 if he wins, while Lesnar is expected to make millions when his cut of the PPV money is taken into account.  Despite that White says that, “Shane’s going to make a lot of money for this fight,” which indicates that the UFC’s infamous ‘locker-room bonuses’ may come into effect for Carwin.

“I don’t like people knowing about the money, I don’t like people knowing about our business.  Believe me when I tell you, these guys make a lot of money, and believe me when I tell you, Shane Carwin’s gonna make a lot of money.”

–  Dana says that GSP has no problem fighting Anderson Silva.  He says St.Pierre told him, “If you want to make that fight – make that fight.”

–  White says the fight could happen, but not any time soon as he believes Silva needs to beat Chael Sonnen and perhaps also Vitor Belfort first at 185lbs, while GSP has a fight with Josh Koscheck to contend with.

He does however state that if enough people want to see this ‘superfight’ then he will put it together, despite his own reservations that there’s too much of a size difference between the two fighters.

–  Dana reiterated that Paul Daley will never fight in the UFC again, but surprisingly he did note that Kimbo Slice could yet make a return if he put a few wins together elsewhere.

White also stood firm on his claim that Chuck Liddell will never fight for the UFC again after his KO loss at UFC 115.

–  He says he thinks they are closing to getting MMA sanctioned in Ontario, stating that he, “knows things you don’t.” Host Michael Landsberg seemed somewhat surprised by that, stating he also knew things about the situation.

Georges St.Pierre Interview: Part 1 & Part 2

–  GSP seemed reluctant to talk about the possibility of facing Anderson Silva, saying that it was Josh Koscheck who was in his radar right now and he didn’t want to make the mistake of overlooking him.

–  St.Pierre shrugged his shoulders over Josh Koscheck’s claims that he uses steroids, saying that it’s “ridiculous.” He also said he was open to random testing and said he liked the idea of Olympic game style tests.

–  GSP recently won Spike TV’s ‘Most Dangerous Man’ title, but the awards show  it seems that the welterweight champ had his mind on other things other than collecting his trophy.

“Some of the actresses were very beautiful you know?  I saw them on stage…Jessica Beil was one of them…I was like ‘wow.’  I didn’t talk to her but many people ask me who the most beautiful Hollywood star is – I think it’s Jessica Beil who is number one.”

–  The UFC star said he’d lose if he fought Mike Tyson in a boxing match, but if it was an MMA or a wrestling match he believes he would win.


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