Dana White Answers Questions From Fans On Radio Show

Dana White recently appeared on radio show ‘790 – The Ticket’ where he took on questions from both the host and fans who called in to speak to him.

Here’s a few highlights from what he had to say:

On James Toney: “James Toney came and chased me around, talking smack, calling me names, and that kinds of stuff. He’s a guy who I’ve respected for years so I ended up making this fight. Anything can happen when two guys get in there. A guy that can punch like James Toney can and a guy who has a well-rounded game like Randy Couture. It’s gonna be an interesting fight.”

On a possible Anderson Silva Vs GSP fight: “People ask me that all the time. This is what I believe. I believe my job is to put on fights that people want to see. I keep hearing that and if enough people want to see it, I guess I’m gonna have to do it.”

On Fedor’s chances of signing for the UFC: “Listen I have come to the realization and everyone else needs to too that Fedor doesn’t want to fight the best guys in the world. Believe me when I tell you guys I have done everything in my power, I have flown to crazy parts of the world, done all this stuff, been on the phone for hours, not hung out with my kids on weekends because I’m on the phone with these lunatics and just can’t make the deal. They don’t want to do it so we gotta get over it.”

Listen to highlights from the interview below courtesy of Cagewriter.

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