We recently reported that the hacker who claimed to have hacked UFC president Dana White’s personal information and posted it on the internet had in fact made an error and put up other people’s details who are unrelated to him.

The plight of one particular victim, a woman named Julie Breeler from Las Vegas who has been bombarded with phone calls was detailed in a news story by FOX5 and after hearing her story White did the gentlemanly thing and apologized for the inconvenience he had indirectly caused her.

“I get my gun before answering the door,” Breeler recalls to FOX5 of a knock at her door a couple of days ago. “I crack the door and say ‘Yes?’ He says ‘Julie Breeler?’ and I’m like ‘Yes.’ He says ‘Hi, I’m Dana White!'”

According to Breeler they then had, “a pleasant little chat,” and she is now hoping to put the matter behind her.

In other related news, a 13 year-old Australian boy has claimed that he was behind the recent hacking of UFC.com in an interview with Softpedia.