Prior to this evening’s UFC On Versus 3 event Dana White was interviewed during a pre-fight show on Versus.

During the discussion White was recapping last weekend’s UFC 127 action when he was asked what comes next for Michael Bisping, and the UFC president hinted that before they can even think about his next fight they will have to tackle the disciplinary issues that arose from his fight with Jorge Rivera.

“Michael Bisping’s in trouble right now,” White stated. “Michael Bisping’s a guy who I’ve liked and have had a good relationship with since the Ultimate Fighter. I’m very disappointed with the way he conducted himself during that fight. I think that the knee was intentional, I think he did do it on purpose. I think he saw him in that position, he looked at him and threw the knee, and obviously I don’t like what he did after the fight either.

“So, Mike and I still need to talk and I’ll figure out what’s next for Michael Bisping.”

Watch Dana White’s full pre-event interview with Ariel Helwani and Stephan Bonnar below.

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