We didn’t get to hear the thoughts of UFC president Dana White last night after UFC 127 as he had to leave quickly to catch a flight back to the U.S.

Today though ESPN caught up with him, and discovered that White disagrees with the judges ruling of a majority draw in the main event between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch.

“I didn’t think it was a draw,” White stated. “I looked at the scorecards and the two judges who had it a draw scored the first two rounds for Penn and the third round a 10-8 [for Fitch].

“Personally, I scored the first two rounds for Penn and had him winning the fight. There’s no doubt B.J. got pounded in the third round, but that wasn’t a 10-8 round.”

That’s somewhat surprising as many people believed that it was in fact Fitch who won the fight, and that was backed up by the likes of the FightMetric site who also calculated that he should have won.

White has never been a big fan of Fitch however, and his frustration at the fighter, who went to a decision for the ninth fight in a row last night, was very apparent today.

“Fitch is one of these guys that goes, ‘Oh, I want my respect. He just fought a 155-pound guy and went to a draw with him and in my opinion, he lost the first two rounds — and he’s crying for a title shot?

“You’ve got to get in there and decisively beat people. You have to have fans clamoring for you to fight for the title.”

Dana also admits he’s not sure what’s going to happen now, but the result of GSP Vs Jake Shields on April 30th at UFC 129 will now have a huge part to play in the future of the division.


  1. We have been looking at the scoring now for several of the last UFC pay-per-views, and it is time to create a judging criteria, and training requirements for them to judge events and title matches. This was a waste of hard earned training time and money for Fukuda and Fitch, not to mention the folks who paid to watch legitimately scored matches.
    Did anyone else mutter “WTF” at the results??

    The inconsistant judging must be addressed, and- the issue of Dana’s personal favoritism and box office draw-before the sports legitimacy is jeopardised, and placed in the rhealm of WWE. (i.e Dana’s present commentaries regarding; his personal disfavor of Fitch, disfavor of GSP’s fighting style, derrogatory comments regarding personal feelings about Greg Jackson’s training camp,and the refusal to penalize Anderson Silva for unprofessional conduct)
    Additional inconsistancies EX. Lyoto fights his style against several opponents(Rampage admits it should have been his loss)- and Lyoto is given the loss. Bisping’s flagrant knee to the head,spitting and taunting ( which proves not an accident) while Rivera is being examined- and only a point is taken? Bisping was warned to leave his opponent alone several times by the referee, after the bell- and not penalized for unprofessional conduct- but, Koscheck was slapped by Daley after the bell- and Daley is given his walking papers? What recent fighters were sent to look into Strikeforce for work, after UFC determined their may have been alcohol comsumption-YET…
    Lets not forget Joe Rogan’s stating on UFC that pot is good for BJJ practitioner’s as an enhancement- and there is no retraction from UFC? I wonder how this comment was looked upon- with the Armed Forces being in the forefront of endorsements and publicity?
    Com’mon now.

  2. Dana right on I agree totally fitch avoided a couple of submissions and bj was controlling the fight imposing his will until he got on the bottom bj was connecting with him in his stand up to me it was looking like fitch might get knocked out or summited then came third round bj looked winded and didn’t have the strength he needed I would say do to his size anyhow fitch didn’t come out looking ready for a title shot.

  3. I definitely agree with you about the judging Laura, BJJ fighters are at an immediate disadvantage in fights a lot of the time as many of the guys scoring the fight simply don’t understand or appreciate what’s happening.

  4. Dana White is a fucking d*ck.
    No way did BJ win that fight! I had BJ winning the first for sure but gave the 2nd to Fitch especially since BJ spent most of the time on the ground on the receiving some good hits from Jon. The 3rd round was also Fitch’s and might have also been a 10-8 seeing that BJ did nothing and Fitch totally destroyed him on the ground.

    I honestly love Dana White but he’s one money hungry f*ck for sure. I’d just like to tell Mr. White that MMA is first and foremost a sports and then entertainment. I know that people want to see KOs and exciting fights but people like myself who really LOVE this sport and not only the entertaining side of it want to see the no.1 contender getting a shot for the title which at the moment and for a very long time has been Jon Fitch so give him what is rightfully his!

  5. @jack no way what fight did you see bj won that sh*t dude 1st round was all bj and so was the second he took him down and almost sub. his ass only thing was jon turn it around the last min. of the second round but not enough to give jon the round 3rd round was all jon but it was not 8-10 round jon never advanced a position was in bj guard the whole round yea he was landen but ineffective just make n it look good for the judges thats what happens when you fight like a pussy bj was tierd we all saw it why was jon just happy in bj guard he could of tryd to mount bj and get better strike in for the t.k.o or tryd to sub. bj jon is a loser cryin about thinkin he won the fight he wouldnt have to cry if he fucken fought and actually won jon will never be w.w champ fightin the sorry ass way he does never known of a fighter happy to win on scorecards alone is that the kind of champ people wanna see noway dude not about money this time jon just sucks his style his game plan it stinks

  6. even if he pulled the decision win over bj that night i still woundnt wanna see jon fight for the title when he wins he doesnt prove anything fighters he fights arent even hurt after #1 contender doesnt finish anyone isnt the #1 contender he’s just a wwe wrestler maybe that where jon should be ufc is about mma not layin on someone and humpn then

  7. If anyone thinks that Penn didn’t earn a Unanimous 29-28 win over Jon Fitch than you don’t know how MMA is judged. And to add to that BJ is a natural lightweight walking around between 160-165 and he beat a Fitch who walks around at 190-195. And I wouldn’t want to see Fitch fight GSP again neither would I want to see him as the WW champ representing the most prestigious MMArts promotion in the world with his “grind em’ out” style this is MMA finish a guy at least once a year Jon… haha. BJ wants to be the next WW champ and Dana White wants him to be the champ cause BJ brings in money. Period. Fitch isn’t as big of a draw as Penn is.

  8. If you really look at whats been happening in the UFC WW division in the last year there is no way in hell Fitch is still #2 behind GSP. Condit is on terror and knocking out top 10 fighters where as Fitch can’t even beat a lightweight who he outweighed by 30 pounds at fight time. fitch’s last 2 wins are over Alves who just lost to story and fitch’s other win is over Ben saunders (WHERE IS HE NOW) I think the UFC should force Fitch to fight Koscheck or kick his a’ss the hell out of the UFC. fitch has very very few fans and everyone thinks he is a snoozefest of a fighter. The new breed of exciting fighters like Condit, Rory Macdonald, Story are the future of WW divsion in the UFC and noone cares if Fitch ever gets in the cage again.