Since Alistair Overeem failed a pre-fight drugs test which resulted in his title challenge against Junior Dos Santos being cancelled, UFC President Dana White has vowed to have nothing to do with him, referring on any questions about the heavyweight star to UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, but it appears that he’s finally buried the hatchet with him.

Overeem, who’s still serving a nine month suspension for having elevated levels of testosterone, visited the UFC HQ in Las Vegas earlier this week, and at first was met with a frosty reception from White who retreated to his office when he saw him arrive.

However, Overeem stuck around in the hope of getting a chance to speak to him, and it proved to be a decision that earned White’s respect.

“He went downstairs and waited for forty minutes until I called him upstairs, and then came into my office like a man,” White told the press after UFC 148 last night.

“Nothing but respect for Alistair now,” he continued. “We all make mistakes and we all do stupid sh*t. I say this all the time. It’s all in how you handle yourself after. He handled himself like a f*cking stud.”

White would divulge exactly what Overeem was saying, but it is known that he’s began voluntarily taking drug tests despite being out of competition at the moment to prove that he is a clean fighter as he looks to rebuild his reputation and move back towards that shot at the title when his suspension ends at the end of the year.

“He’s doing all the right things now. He’s fixing all the wrongs. We’ll see what happens.”

This is good news all-round as Overeem remains the most significant test left for current champion Junior Dos Santos and this fight is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

The promotion for what could be a very big fight indeed for the company would have been very awkward if White had continued to refuse to deal with the fighter so no doubt everyone at UFC headquarters are now breathing a sigh of relief that they’ve now made up.