UFC president Dana White made a huge error of judgement yesterday when he decided to call out the hackers who had briefly taken down the UFC.com website during the week.

In an interview with MMAfighting.com’s Ariel Helwani the always outspoken White declared that he wasn’t afraid of the internet and challenged the hackers, who he described as “terrorists” to attempt to go after the promotion’s website again.

“I’m not afraid of you,” he stated. “So you want to keep hacking our site? Go for it. Watch what happens. You’re hurting yourself.”

That’s the equivalent of getting up into Nick Diaz face and shouting “Come at me, bro!”, so needless to say the hacking community, who already have beef with the UFC for their support of the controversial SOPA anti-piracy act were only too happy to oblige.

“We don’t want your site anymore. We are going after YOU! Follow me for tonight’s exciting events,” one Hacker confidently declared just minutes later.

And sure enough, there wasn’t long to wait until Dana White’s personal details were posted up on Twitter including the addresses of his various houses and his social security number.

Meanwhile, White was going back and forth on Twitter with the infamous ‘Anonymous’ hacking group who have been at the forefront of the surge in hacking in recent times, shutting down the website of major players like Playstation, The FBI and Universal Music to name but a few.

“I love the Internet,” he declared in defense of an earlier statement that the internet was full of cowards. “It helped us grow our biz. Stealing is stealing! And hacking into people’s sh!t is terrorism.

“If you guys want to change the world, good for you! Just don’t steal my sh!t. If they are not streaming my sh!t and hacking my website, then we have no beef.”

Unfortunately the hackers were just getting started and did indeed still have “beef” with the UFC president.

They proceeded to hack into UFC.com once again, took it offline and then managed to get a hold of their back-up files which essentially means they could completely wipe the site off the net.

It seems they are not finished however and have more plans in the works to make life miserable for White, while #OpUFC has become a worldwide trending topic as everyone watches on to see what’s coming next.

All in all it’s clear to see that in this instance White has bit off more than he can chew and he’s now paying the price for it as he becomes the new plaything for the hacking comunity.

The big concern here for MMA fans is that hackers could now potentially have a hold for their personal details, including credit card information, which are stored on the site. It’s possible they may also be plotting to interfere with the UFC’s upcoming streaming content such as the ‘UFC On FOX 2’ live weigh-ins later today and prelims tomorrow night at UFC.TV.

Needless to say we’ll keep you updated with this story as it develops.