Dana White, Chuck Liddell And Rich Franklin Discuss UFC 115

Yesterday UFC 115’s fight card was officially announced, revealing that Chuck Liddell will now face Rich Franklin in the headline bout of the evening.

Today tickets went on sale for the event in Vancouver, and Dana White revealed on his twitter account that they sold out in just 30 minutes. If that is accurate then it makes this the fastest selling UFC event of all time and it’s a just reward for the UFC’s persistence in pushing to be granted a license to hold an event in Vancouver.

Speaking on the UFC’s website White explained why he had been denying rumors of the Liddell – Franklin fight up until the announcement yesterday.

“Fans and media have been asking me for weeks what is happening on The Ultimate Fighter Season 11, saying things like ‘is Tito off the show, is Chuck fighting Rich.’ Today, I’m officially announcing that Chuck Liddell will fight Rich Franklin at UFC 115. I wish I could tell you why, but everyone’s just going to have to watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 on Spike TV.

“What I can say is that these are two UFC legends, and they give everything they have in every second of a fight. Both of these guys are looking to get back to the top of the light heavyweight division. Liddell and Franklin at 205 pounds is going to be a war, and I can’t wait to do our first UFC event ever in Vancouver,”

Both of the main event fighters also discussed their feelings on the upcoming bout, and UFC legend Liddell was confident this was a fight that he is going to win.

“I’m ready for this fight, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I can’t wait to get back in the Octagon. I can’t tell the fans what happens in the Ultimate Fighter 11, you have to watch the show, but I’ll tell you how this is gonna end, I’m knocking Rich out.”

Franklin is no stranger to big fights himself however, having ffaced Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort in his last three visits to the octagon, and after an extended break he is looking forward to making his debut at 205lbs.

“Chuck is a gamer. He is a professional – take Randy for example. He and Randy are friends, but he didn’t have a problem fighting Randy and punching him in the head, so he sure won’t have a problem punching me in the head. I’m excited about fighting Chuck, I’m going to give everything I have, and I look forward to giving fans a great fight in Vancouver.”

Liddell Vs Franklin is an interesting match-up. Liddell undoubtedly has the punching power advantage, but Franklin is the more well rounded, technical fighter.

While the UFC may still be smarting over Anderson Silva’s performance this past weekend, both Liddell and Franklin have proven their fighting spirit time after time in the octagon so they will have no such concerns on June 12th in front of a packed crowd for their visit to Vancouver, Canada.


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